To give you an indication of some of the benefits, here is what some of my clients have said - these comments are their own words taken from a comments book I keep - something to look back on when I am 99(!), but also that it shows people how others have benefited:-


  • "After suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks, I went to see Carmen for Reiki and Mindfulness, which completely changed my life!  Thanks to Carmen's help I have overcome my anxiety and have been able to find myself and understand my body and mind!  Carmen is truly fantastic at what she does, I highly recommend her." - Charlotte, Haslemere


  • "One of the best things I've ever done for myself, the course was fantastic and a great introduction to a journey I want to continue." - Trudy, Ripley


  • "A wonderful, relaxing introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness, with practical help for everyday living.  Carmen is a great teacher and makes the course not only informative but friendly, fun and applicable to our daily lives.  Just fab!" - Janet, Ripley


  • I loved the course, have found it empowering and enlightening giving me the tools and insight to take into my daily life." - Karen, Ripley


  • "Fabulous journey on how to live life in a peaceful and happy place." - Charlie, Godalming


  • "Carmen has been a wonderful guide on my journey to enjoying the moment, being non judgmental and keeping calm.  I now have an awareness of my reactions and with practice will hopefully be responsive instead.  Carmen's soothing meditations are a wonderful gift.  I look forward to growing more in mindfulness.  Thank you Carmen."  Natalie, Woking


  • "A most wonderful 8 week course where we could spend time learning an incredible life-style of mindfulness!  I am forever grateful and would truly recommend that everyone attends this course if they want to get more from the life we have been given" - Tiffany, Ripley

  • "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for running this Mindfulness couse, I can't tell you how it has opened my eyes and made me realise a lot about myself.  The course really has been a big part of getting back on track and reprogramming the way I am seeing things.  The more I do the exercises you have taught us, the more its becomming second nature and the less judgement I'm doing myself." - Natalie, Twickenham


  • “Highly recommended – great teacher and value for money.  Feel I now have the tools to change my life!” - Lisa, Ripley


  • "Carmen was very calm, patient, reassuring and non-judgemental.  The mix of theory, personal experience and practice sessions was helpful to me.  Also the catch up each week.” – Caroline, Guildford


  • "An enjoyable course delivered in Carmen's calm manner.  Minfulness is definitely a thought provoking subject, whcih most people would benefit by.  I look foward to more of the same with Carmen." - Gail, Guildford




  • "Learning Reiki with Carmen was a tuly unforgettable and life changing experience, she is a fantastic teacher!" - Charlotte, Haslemere


  • "What a wonderful honour to have attended the Teacher's course with you - it has been an incredible journey and I thank you for sharing it and reviving my faith in life and love through Reiki.  With love and thanks, God bless you." - Julie, London


  • "It was a beautiful and inspirational weekend, thank you." - Eileen, London
  • "We came here with no expectations and an eagerness to learn...and leave with minds full of knowledge and totally committed to the path we can now follow.  Thanx for opening our hearts and minds to Reiki and for making this such a beautiful and memorablee experience!" - Gregg & Harri, London


  • "This was the perfect next step on a huge journey for me.  Thank you for an amazing experience, it's been a privelege to learn from you." - Fay, Guildford

  • "I acknowledge who I truly am, thank you." - Sarah, Ireland

  • "Thank you for helping me be the light and stop me searching for the light." - Neil, Richmond




  • "After a year of lower back and neck pain, I thought that Reiki was the only opportunity to get rid of the aches that playing rugby causes.  I was very apprehensive at first but after 4 sessions my back pain has gone and I have no neck irritations." - James, Twickenham


  • "I am much more focussed, have more energy and feel calmer - I can't explain how good it has been for me." - Mary, Richmond

  • "Reiki has assisted me in a number of ways, it has taken daily stress away and it has had a calming effect on me.  My migraines are much better and I haven't been ill with anything else since I started the treatments.  My sleep has improved and I just feel a real sense of overall well being.  I was very skeptical about Reiki when I first heard about it, but I believe whole heartedly that it has helped me in many different ways." - Sharon, New Malden

  • "The treatment is really helpful - not merely relaxing but genuinely helps my stomach ulcer/symptoms.  I feel really relaxed and chilled out as well." - Richard, Kew


  • "A truly relaxing time in an otherwise difficult year.  I looked forward to being able to let go and rid my mind of the stresses of the day." - Amy, Surbiton


  • "The treatment has really helped me - no mare panic attacks." - Carol, Twickenham




  • Regular massage with Carmen has virtually eliminated my back pain, which stopped me from doing many things that I enjoy.  Carmen's techniques are extremely effective in dealing with muscle soreness and fatigue (from all the sport I can do now!), but are also lovely and serene.  I always feel restored, relaxed and rejuvenated after a session with Carmen - highly recommended! - Michelle, Cobham


  • "Your massage on Tuesday was brilliant and it has really made a difference: my back is more "relaxed" and therefore I am more mobile. I believe your session helped speed up my recovery.  Many thanks for that. – Cecile, Guildford


  • “Thank you for the fab massage.  I’m always a bit reluctant to try someone new for massage but it’s super exciting when they’re so good!” – Sarah, Guildford




  • "Pure bliss!" - Emma, Ripley


  • "Wow what a wonderful experience, I felt so calm and relaxed, the smells and relaxing aromas really helped me to let go of stress.  My skin felt so soft.  Carmen is full of kindness and I am feeling so much better, but most of all I feel calmer and happier and this shows with my new skin that glows from the inside out." - Sarah, Send


  • "Another wonderful treatment.  Carmen is very professional and makes it very relaxing and comfortable with great communication.  Products are lovely!  Carmen listens and adapts to how I was on the day." - Rebecca, Guildford

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