I came across Reiki back in 1999 when I had my first treatment.  I was immediately hooked by it.  A year later I found myself on my first training weekend learning about it - it's simpleness, it's incredibleness, it's beautiful depth and it's lightness - all of which sounds contradictory but that's how I sense it.


I undertook all 4 levels of training through Reiki Master Teacher and it is an absolute privilege for me to be able to teach Reiki and respectfully pass on how we connect with this intelligent energy.


Translated from Japanese, Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy.  In Japanese ‘Life Force Energy’ is known as ‘Ki’.  So from this we can see that ‘Rei’ translates to ‘Universal’ to give Universal Life Force Energy or Reiki.


Reiki is based on channelling and working with energy which is all around us all of the time.  Look at the animals, the trees, the plants, the fruit you eat, every living form has what we call ‘Life Force Energy’ circulating within and around it.


When practicing Reiki we are connecting to and channelling an external source of Ki, which can then flow through us to assist the body’s self-healing process.


By working with Reiki energy, the body can be supported in being brought back into balance, maintained and well-being can flow leaving dis-ease to reduce.  So for instance, it can help; reduce stress levels, assist with deep relaxation, restore energy and revitalise, dissolve energy blocks, create more strength and so help relieve illness and accelerate physical healing.



So how does Reiki energy and Reiki healing work?


Life Force or energy flows within our physical body through pathways that incorporate Chakras – these are spinning vortexes of energy of which we have 7 major Chakras located at points up and down the centre of our body.  The Life Force also flows outside our physical being in a field of energy called the aura.


Free flowing energy nourishes cells, systems, organs and organisms such as the human body.  When the flow of energy becomes disrupted, for instance through stress, the physical body then shows signs of dis-ease and functions less effectively.


By receiving Reiki energy positive energy is received, the vibration in our body is raised, blockages can release and so the flow of our own energy becomes more free and balanced throughout the pathways.  The physical body’s own natural healing process is promoted to function more effectively and it can return to more balance and health.


When a Reiki practitioner gives Reiki healing, their energy cannot be depleted.  By tuning into the Universal Life Force Energy, ie Reiki energy, the Reiki practitioner becomes a channel for the Reiki energy, it is not their energy and therefore, they cannot be drained when giving a Reiki treatment.  If anything, they may feel re-energized themselves because of the Reiki energy flowing through them during the Reiki treatment they have given.


For more information on the benefits of Reiki click through here or to the Treatments page.

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