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Free 10 minute breathing meditation
Download this 10 minute breathing meditation for free and use it with my good wishes. If you arrive early to pick up the children from school - play it, if you're on the train on your way to or from work - play it, if you're at home and want to set yourself up for the day or relax at the close of the day - play it, and if you just want to re-centre and refocus yourself - play it!
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"A most wonderful 8 week course where we could spend time learning an incredible life-style of mindfulness!  I am forever grateful and would truly recommend that everyone attends this course if they want to get more from the life we have been given" - Tiffany, Ripley - 



These can be incredible tools to help us in our daily living and support us love ourselves, become kinder and more compassionate to all that is in us and around us.  It can help us deal with people and things we find difficult and the stresses of this crazy busy and chaotic world we find ourselves living in these days.  It can help us slow down and actually become more effective.


I don't know about you, but when finding these moments of stillness that then provide me with a sense of absolute relief they are something quite special.  In addition to my own experience, neither have I ever heard anyone say they don't want more of this with a smile on their face or a sense of longing in their voice.


When we can begin to notice the present moment and be in that for longer periods of time, and we don't leave ourselves by jumping into anger, hurt, frustration, stress, busyness, the past or the future, other people's 'stuff', suffering on whatever level of chaos, we can begin to learn to sit with ourselves and others more easily and somehow our lives can begin to become more peaceful and really open up to acceptance and exquisiteness.


Incorporating meditation practice into our mindfulness practice can be a wonderful support too in helping us relax and get more easily into the present, so we spend less time in the past and "what might or should have been" and where sometimes depression can take hold, or in the future where it can be an anxious space of not knowing and trying to control that.


Presence provides us with a deep seated peacefulness where we don't need to control, we can accept more easily, and the more we practice the more peace we can be in and the more authentic we are and our lives become.  Some may describe being in presence as stillness, some may have a real sense of exquisiteness and joy or love during this peace and others may get something else - we are all unique and there is utter beauty in that and present moments.


I look forward to sharing Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation with you if you so choose.



...and breathe...

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