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Q:        What is Reiki & where does it come from?

A:         Reiki stems from ancient Tibet and arrived in the West via Japan.  It is a form of energy healing.  It is an amazing yet simple technique, whereby the practitioner channels the Reiki energy for the benefit of the recipient in order to stimulate the body’s own natural healing process.



Q:        What is meant by healing?

A:         I personally term healing as relief from pain.  This can be on many levels including; a physical level, for example relief from severe migraines to physical injuries mending more quickly.  On a mental level, I have seen healing of the mind, from a positive or calming perspective.  So for instance, a more positive and determined approach to life may emerge, or one who experiences a racing mind can achieve more calm and balance in their life.  Ease of suffering from a loss in the family or handling relationships in a more harmonious way can be seen in emotional healing.  Or from a spiritual perspective, increased connection or of awareness one’s path can be illuminated.



Q:        What happens during a Reiki treatment?

A:         The recipient will lie on a treatment couch fully clothed (or they can sit in a chair).  I will then place my hands respectfully and gently above or on the recipient’s body and act as a channel for the Reiki energy, which then travels to the place it is most needed and will always benefit the recipient.  It is a very relaxing, supportive and positive treatment.



Q:        Why should I have Reiki?

A:         If you feel out of balance in any way then Reiki can help.  It relieves aches, pains, illness and dis-ease within the body.  If you simply want to relax deeply then Reiki is great.  It can also assist if you’re stressed and would like to feel calmer, if you find it difficult to talk about your issues, if you want to find a new and more positive ways of dealing with situations, if you find sleeping difficult, if you’ve had an operation/injury, if you’d like to feel stronger from the inside, if you’re anxious, if you’re tearful, if you want more energy, and so on……the list is endless.



Q:        Is Reiki safe to have along side other medication?

A:         Reiki is a natural therapy and can be used confidently alongside conventional medicine or natural remedies.



Q:        Does Reiki have side effects?

A:         Only positive ones!



Q:        Can I have Reiki if I’m pregnant?

A:         Reiki is wonderful at this time – not only do you receive a treatment but your baby will too!



Q:        Can babies/children/teenagers have Reiki?

A:         Yes - it can provide benefits for everyone!  Think how stressful it can be for a child about to start school for the first time or even for those undergoing exams and in the lead up to them.  Reiki does not discriminate; it can help all people of all ages.



Q:        How often should I have Reiki?

A:         I advise people to really listen to their bodies - that’s the body, not the mind!  Very often we’re so busy with our day to day lives that we forget to listen to what our bodies are telling us.  If possible it is good to have at least 4 treatments quite close together, for example 1 hour on a weekly basis and even better if you can increase the frequency.  This will give your system a great kick start in order to support and nurture the body’s own natural healing to take place.  One can then consider ‘top up’ treatments at intervals as often as required, by tuning into the body and listening to its needs.  If, however, you just want to try it then you will receive the benefits you need from the treatment and you will experience a beautiful relaxation.



Q:        Can I learn Reiki?

A:         Yes - anybody can learn to tap into this wonderful energy and source – it’s around us all the time.  As well as offering Reiki treatments I also teach Reiki workshops regularly throughout Surrey so please contact me if you wish to know more.

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