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Due to my authoring a book in general delivery of workshops and courses are currently on pause, but please contact me if you have specific requirements.


Welcome even more love & peace into you & life...

...with what feels right for you!


In today’s fast paced world we can lose sight of balance and what is right for us as individuals.  We can get caught up in the rat race, place more emphasis on work, home life may be difficult, we become stressed, knocked off balance, we put others before we place equal importance on our own selves and what we actually want, illness can take hold, low self esteem may be an issue, de-motivation creeps in, confidence lowers and pain occurs - on whatever level you may come to experience it.


Some of us can't even remember when we last felt peaceful.


So let me ask you a few questions:  "Is is ok to keep asking this of yourself - is it fair on your body that serves you each and every day?  It breathes for you each day and how do you honour it or give thanks to it?  Do you sit with it in pure presentness?"


Once you can begin to truly sit with yourself in peace and trust you will then be able to truly also sit with others in peace, trust and compassion.  It may be through Reiki that you can come to do this, it may be through Mindfulness and Meditation, it may be a combination.  It may be this isn't for you - trust yourself and you will take yourself to the right place. 


If it is the case that you'd like to know more about the services I provide with Massage, Reiki, Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation, then feel free to contact me by email or mobile and if you'd prefer to have an informal chat in the first instance that's absolutely fine too just give me a call.


You may also wish to read my book "The Integrity of Love" - you can visit my website here and purchase ebook or paperback via Amazon.

...and breathe...

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