What happens in a treatment?

During a Reiki treatment the recipient lies on the treatment couch or sits in a chair, fully clothed.  As a practitioner, I then place my hands respectfully and gently above or on the individual’s body in certain positions in line with the teachings of Reiki.


During the treatment, recipients may experience…

  • deep relaxation
  • falling asleep
  • heat or coolness
  • itchiness
  • mild tingling or even pins & needles
  • surfacing of repressed emotions
  • tears
  • memory flashes
  • feeling of protection
  • visualising images
  • seeing colours
  • floating sensations
  • feeling heavy and weighted



After treatments, the recipient may experience…

  • feeling revived with greater energy levels
  • less stress within the body and mind
  • a sense of inner strength
  • clarity in the mind
  • a sense of peace and calm
  • feeling grounded and/or centred
  • continued relaxation
  • the need to be quiet and by oneself
  • emotional release and tears
  • wanting to sleep and be cosy
  • a deeper connection with oneself
  • happiness
  • feeling more positive
  • relieved
  • more balanced and harmonious
  • feeling less worried or anxious
  • a wider sense of freedom
  • a change in attitudes, thoughts and beliefs



Treatment Frequency


Typically, a treatment lasts 1 hour, but this can be flexible.  Reiki always gives the person what they need at the time of the treatment and one treatment will always provide something positive for the recipient.  However, I have noticed it has been more effective for my clients that have had 4-6 treatments quite close together – it really does kick start the body’s system and ability to self heal. 


These treatments can be as you choose so daily, weekly or fortnightly to begin with, followed by top up treatments as and when you feel the need, typically once a month, but I very much encourage people to listen to their bodies and not their minds – so noticing what is occurring in the body and then paying attention to the thoughts in the mind.  In my opinion, what goes on in the mind manifests in the body, so we do need to observe this link.  Our bodies work hard for us day and night and so by listening to it we can hear what it needs.


Through discussion and observation, between us we will establish the right course of treatments for you and your life.

...and breathe...

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