Mindfulness Taster Session

This is a 1 hour session to give you a glimpse of Mindfulness & Meditation and the beauty and peace it can provide.


These sessions are aimed at anyone interested in exploring this mental skill which can help us tune into ourselves and turn off that auto-pilot mode, which so many of us find ourselves in and that we are functioning unconsciously, not truly present.  You do not need to be a therapist nor even have done anything like this before - you'll just be welcomed.


There is no obligation to come along to any course afterwards, but you'd be more than welcome obviously, so it's a nice way to see if this is something for you or not.  For therapists this can obviously contribute towards CPD points.


So what might mindfulness do for you?

  • Bring you into the present instead of functioning in the past, the future or auto-pilot mode.
  • Help you gather your scattered mind and thoughts.
  • Enable a wider perspective and clarity, more creativity or focus.
  • Assist in reducing stress levels.
  • Blood pressure levels can lower.
  • Help you to observe challenging situations from a more centered and peaceful place and so enable you to better respond in the moment.
  • Encourage a more positive outlook and help reduce mood swings and irritability.
  • Support you in managing emotions more easily - eg anxiousness or anger.
  • Enable you to become even kinder and more compassionate to yourself and others.
  • Improve your happiness….and more!


These sessions are £10 and please call or email me to make enquires and/or reserve a place on the next available session, which is:-



...and breathe...

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me via:


E:  carmen@sensethesense.com

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