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You may be wondering why Mindfulness in the workplace?  What are the benefits? I will look at each question seperately...


What are the benefits?


These can be mental as well as physical and the list is endless, but to give you some examples:-

  • Stress reduction
  • More controlled thoughts, so less reactive behaviour
  • Better communication skills; listening, hearing, speaking, written
  • More self awareness and in turn more awareness of others
  • Individuals slow down and become more efficient and effective
  • Increased ability to be patient, understanding and tolerant
  • Improved handling of conflict or challenging situations
  • Clearer thinking
  • More effective decision making
  • Enables a more adaptable and flexible approach
  • Improved confidence
  • Ability to renew and refresh and so revert to tasks with a fresher approach
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • More effective leadership
  • Reduction in wokplace tensions
  • Greater connection, openness and balance
  • More cohesion within teams
  • Increased levels of authenticity and integrity
  • More humilty and less ego
  • Wider trust


Why run Mindfulness programmes in the workplace?


For all the benefits listed above, and having worked in both the corporate and complementary therapy sectors as well as in tandem, I have seen with my own eyes the benefits at work, but don't just take my word for it....keep reading below!


Richard Fernandez, Director of Executive Development at Google Inc, and a psychologist by training, says he sees a significant difference in his work behaviour since taking the class. "I'm definitely much more resilient as a leader", he says.  "I listen more carefully and with less reactivity in high stakes meetings.  I work with a lot of senior executives who can be very demanding, but that doesn't faze me anymore.  It's almost an emotional and mental bank account.  I've now got much more of a buffer there." - source:  New York Times, 2012


Mark Bertoloni, CEO of Aetna, is determined to spread the word on the benefits of Mindfulness.  He says; "when employees are in the highest quintile of stress, their health care costs are $2,000 higher than the average employee."  When describing the 12-week programme that thousands of his employees completed he said; "We measured both pre and post heart rate variability and productivity of those employees.  We saw dramatic drops in stress...and 69 minute gain in productivity of our employees over a year.   The results for us was an 11:1 return on that investment." - source:  Huffington Post, 2013


Now I truly understand the bottom line is absolutely pertinent, but that said, surely it doesn't all have to be about that does it?  The reason I say this is because many people are increasingly consuming more information on spiritual practices such as Yoga, Acupuncture, Reiki, Meditation and Mindfulness and they are experiencing tangible benefits of incorporating these ancient practices and philosophies into their private lives.  This crazy busy 24/7 world we live in is forcing people to find coping mechanisms.  They are also seeming to want to shrug off their outer persona and unearth their true essence, authenticity and integrity.  Yet when they walk into the workplace, in a way more often than not the culture or environment dictates that they cover up again and shut down these elements of themselves.  They become only part of who they truly are when in the workplace and therefore, they don't actually function and perform as their whole self.  Why on earth do we ask this of our people?  Surely, a person 'showing up' in the workplace as their whole authentic self has so much more to offer than a shadow of themselves?  Their confidence and integrity will be able to blossom and they will be able to bring true heart to the business, which is far more valuable than armour is it not?


People are the business  - this must never be forgotten.  Without people working in it, there is no business, full stop.  So why not invite and enable your workforce to 'show up' authentically.  Surely a more authentic workforce will be a healthier, happier and more harmonious workforce and in so being, provide a more authentic business - surely that can only be a good thing for all parties, at all levels and for all those it touches.


You may well have more questions, please do feel free to contact me by email or call on 07974 717 787 and we can discuss your queries and requirements - and obviously ther is no obligation.  Similarly if you wish to intriduce a Mindfulness programme into your workplace then I would be delighted to assist you in doing this.

...and breathe...

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